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Online Survey Sites to Earn Quick Money

11 Top Online Survey Sites for Money in 2024

11 Top Online Survey Sites to money and grow your passive income sources.

Top online survey sites will explore your knowledge, skills, and opportunities to earn quick money. 

Selecting the right online paid survey websites will always be beneficial, and motivating, and save you time.

When you are getting paid as a bonus for just registering that can motivate you for more. 

There are some paid surveys but these surveys have some criteria based on your demographic information and personal habits, so it is better to waste survey websites that pay and motivate you.

11 Top Online Surveys Sites to Earn Quick Money

Google survey, Swagbucks, life points, my points, survey junkie, branded surveys, American consumer opinion, survey club, price rebel, one opinion, and panda research.  

Now there is a large list of survey sites that are adopted by companies to collect data and expand their reach in the market. 

1) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an American rewards and loyalty program operated by Prodege and the company offers rewards benefits, a loyalty program, and an online survey to customers. 

You can earn money from Swagbucks by doing surveys in your spare time. 

You can create a free account, download the Swagbucks app for free, and start earning money. 

You can earn passive income by actively participating in market research and giving your opinion. 

There is no need for a degree. You can easily take online surveys to answer questions about your opinion on various topics and Swagbucks rewards you when you finish the surveys. 

You can earn gift cards, you can cash out with your PayPal account. 

2) One opinion 

One opinion came into existence in 2011 and one opinion surveys on behalf of world learning companies. 

One opinion is that it is suitable for teens and adults to earn money in their spare time. 

One opinion offers you points for your engagement and your opinions on products or services.

One opinion paid $2.5 per hour and payment options PayPal and gift cards.

3) My points

Mypoints is an online shopping rewards program that engaged for the last 20 years

You can answer surveys and earn points and you can earn the highest point in the shortest time and huge availability of questions. 

My points are a daily reward program where you can earn points, shop online, take surveys, watch videos, read emails, and many more to earn points. 

Free joining and give your area of expertise so that precise survey can possible to receive. 

4) Survey junkie 

Survey junkie is a popular online market research community completely owned by a consumer insights platform.

Survey junkie has 11 million members that keep working to make your voice heard. 

Survey junkie pays users for sharing their opinion and each survey has some points. 

5) Branded surveys

Branded surveys are one of the learning online survey communities growing worldwide and paying users for their opinions.

You will be awarded for your time engagement and you can utilize your spare time for making additional income. 

6) PriceRebel 

PrizeRebel trusted online survey platform since 2007 that pays money, gift cards, and many more. 

Prize rebel will pay for your engagement and your redeemed points will convert into money with the help of PayPal money directly sent to your account. 

7) LifePoints 

LifePoints are a great place where users share their valuable opinions and views and life points have an affiliation with global brands.

The company is focused on awarding users with points, and gift cards for their valuable opinions and views. 

8) Google surveys

Google surveys are the survey product of Google that offers customized market research. 

Google Surveys app has unique features where users can share their opinions about the products and services and for this, Google awards gifts and points.   

9) Pandaresearch

Pandaresearch offers a daily online survey where you can earn up to $50 per completed survey and get paid between the 1st to 15 of every month by PayPal to your account. 

Free joining and you can share your views during your spare time. 

10) Survey Club 

Survey Club is a research recruitment platform companies and organizations use to determine what consumers think about their products and services. 

The process is straightforward creating a free survey club account filling in all the required details and matching your area of expertise. 


MOBROG offers to make money by survey with the help of an App and phone.

MOBROG offers free account creation through which you can earn money online. 

Why an online survey?

Surveys for better market positioning, product launches, understanding customers’ preferences, analyzing customer trends, understanding present customer base, understanding customers’ expectations, and many more reasons survey performed but digitalization has made survey job easy and helps companies to adopt change and proactive in market. 

As you can see you have huge opportunities because of the internet but it is your responsibility to decide what to do and plan your time for making extra money. 

Now the cost of living is rising and additional money is required to meet the expenses and live a happy life. 

Teens and young adults can make money in their spare time to increase their monthly and annual income. 

Your knowledge will increase and you can manage your life in the best ways. 

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Tips to become more productive on online survey sites 

Online surveys are very fast and your small contribution can create big differences in your earnings. 

The Internet has given you many opportunities to earn money online without moving anywhere. 

You can more learn about online money-making, and saving money.

  • Complete your details
  • Use a calculator to measure highest paying survey sites 
  • Utilize the free offer 
  • Consistency and persistent 
  • Create a professional email address for survey sites