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Tata EV Charging Station

Tata EV Charging Station Franchise And Its Cost

In this article, we will explore the Tata EV Charging Station Franchise And Its Cost.

The emergence of Tesla Electric has created a worldwide revolution in the electric vehicle industry that resulted in the automobile industry shifting a decade ahead.

Tata Power, a leading Indian power company, offers franchise opportunities for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

The process for becoming a Tata Power EV charging franchisee typically includes the following steps

1. Expressing interest

Tata EV charging

Interested individuals or companies can express their interest in becoming a Tata Power EV charging franchisee by visiting the company’s website and filling out an online form.

2. Initial screening

Tata Power will review the initial application and conduct a screening process to assess the applicant’s suitability as a franchisee.

Valid land documents or lease agreement

Business registration

Permission from local body

You must have 1500- 2000 sqft space to start a Tata power EV charging station.

Business insurance if required

3. Franchise agreement

If the applicant is found to be suitable, Tata Power will enter into a franchise agreement with the applicant.

4. Investment detail

Investment to set up Tata power EV charging station around 30-40 lacs and your own land.

Land Cost- As per actual

Security deposit fees- 1 – 2.5 lacs (depending on the company )

Machine – 2- 25 lacs near about (depending on the number of points and size of the station)

Working capital – As per conditions and actual operation

The investment depends on the charging points and charging setup you want to install.

The government is more focused on boosting the EV charging stations and offering many subsidies on these installations.

The major expenses

Franchise fees

Charging setups

Civil works

Transformer with substation equipment

5. Training and support

Tata Power will provide training and support to the franchisee on the company’s EV charging systems and operations.

6. Installation and commissioning

The franchisee will then install and commission the EV charging stations in their designated area, with the support and guidance of Tata Power.

7. Operations and maintenance

The franchisee will be responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the EV charging stations, and will also be required to adhere to the terms of the franchise agreement.

8. Profit margin

Tata always cares about its partner’s Profit margin and the margin varies as per the number of points and turnover of EV vehicles.

EZ charge station available

Tata EV Solution

1. Fleet organization

Tata offers smart, safe, and innovative charging solutions for your fleets.

Complete End-to-End Services, from Captive Charger Installations to Maintenance

EV CMS Software

Solutions for Cars and Buses

Attractive offers at Tata Power Public Charging Stations

2. Offices and Workplaces

Interested in making your company EV-ready?

End-to-end charging solutions for the EVs owned by employees

Solutions for charging EVs operated by Fleet service provides

3. Malls and Hotels

Or do you want to provide EV Charging facilities to the customers visiting your Hotels? Tata charging solutions will provide additional convenience that your customers with EVs will be looking for.

4. Homes & Housing Societies

Why not charge your EV right from the comfort of your home? Tata has solutions for Residential Builders and developers, Housing Societies, and Individual House or Flat Owners.

Major EV charging solution companies in India

1. TATA Power EV
2. Magneta Group
3. Ather Energy
5. Numocity
6. Charzer
7. Charge+zone

Frequently ask questions

What about the Tata Power EV network?

Tata Power has 23,500 plus home charger installations and 240 + electric bus charging points.

Tatapower major partnership

Tata Power has partnered with MG Motors, Tata Motors, Hyundai, landrover, Jaguar India, and many supporting others in charging infrastructure.

Available Tata power EV charging station in India

Tata Power has deployed charging stations in 300+ cities including Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Kolkata, and other major tier-1 and tier-2 cities.

Profit in EV

The EV industry almost moving from the introduction to the growth stage, in such conditions, the investment will take time to generate a profit, but it will be a huge profit-making sector.