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Fortune Mart Franchise

Fortune Mart Franchise Opportunity And Its Cost

Now is the perfect time to start a franchise business with a well-known brand like Adani, Fortune Mart Franchise Opportunity And Its Cost.

Adani Wilmar Limited is a market leader in the FMCG market and company products are in huge demand.

Adani Group is a multinational conglomerate Indian company with more than 23000 employees.

Fortune Mart Franchise

Adani Wilmar has a strong market reputation and a channel network that efficiently ensures the availability of goods and creates demand. 

Adani Fortune Mart Store concept is a good franchise opportunity for business aspirants and you can start your business journey with fortune Mart.

The company offers a very affordable amount for a franchise license and it is a great opportunity to work for a brand like Adani. 


Fortune is India’s biggest edible oil brand and now fortune invites you to make a fortune.

Fortune offers a range of cooking oils that are healthy and perfectly easy to digest. This makes it the best oil for cooking. 

Fortune Mart flagship franchisee stores where all Fortune products will be available under one umbrella at a broad price spectrum to the different customer groups.

All the offers like combo deals, festive deals, and live bakery experience will give the buyers a strong reason to buy from Fortune Mart.

Fortune Mart Support 

1) Company claiming to give assured 140% return on investment. 

2) Gross margin of 10-12% for Fortune products and 70% -80% margin on bakery products. 

3) Adani Wilmar will support the franchisee

Full rent support 

One person salary

Dedicated company software for billing. 

Integration with Fortune online app.

Free live bakery setup worth Rs.2.5 lacs ( Chef training will be provided by the company) 

Direct supply of products from the company at a discounted rate.

Combos/Discounted offers.

 Promotional and digital activities.

 5 lacs material value on credit for 21 days. 

4) The outlet will be designed as per the company’s standard guidelines. 

5) No Hidden/ Extra charges such as ( Franchise fees and royalty fees).

Fortune Products 

Fortune has a wide range of products and Fortune’s edible oil, Soya wadi is popular enough in the market. 

Range Of Oil 

Fortune kachi Ghani mustard oil, Fortune refined rice bran oil, Fortune refined sunflower oil, Fortune refined cotton oil, Fortune refined Soya oil, etc. 

Variety Of Pulses 

Fortune arhar dal, Fortune arhar dal unpolished. 

Ready To Eat Khichdi 

Fortune superfood Gujarati khichdi, Fortune superfood Bengali khichdi, Fortune superfood pav bhaji khichdi, Fortune superfood achari khichdi, etc. 

Fortune Maida, Fortune sugar, Fortune Rawa, Fortune suji, Fortune Poha, etc. 

Personal Care Product 

Now Adani personal care products like soap and sanitizer are available in the market. 

The company is doing enough research and development to introduce new products. 

In the future company will add more new products to tap the market shares. 

Fortune Mart store’s Presence 

Fortune Mart stores are successfully running in 15 cities in India and the company performs all promotional, and branding activities in these outlets.

The recently opened Fortune Mart Stores are in Kanpur, Jhansi, Ghaziabad, Gorakhpur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Lalitpur, Gandhinagar, Surat, Gandhidham, Jabalpur, Vidisha, Gwalior, Kharghar(Navi Mumbai), Akola, Haldia.

Indian states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal currently have Fortune Mart stores presence. 

Fortune Mart has a strong marketing and business development team consistently works on business development and adding more store locations. 

Fortune Products Pricing 

Product pricing is a USP in the FMCG segment and companies like Adani have strong experience and control over pricing.

Fortune products are very competitive in pricing and attract customers because of their price structure.


All the Adani Wilmar product’s packaging is smart, attractive, creative, and available in all sizes. 

Pouch, bottle, 15 LT JAR or TIN, and new edible oil packaging will be rolled out for 1 liter pouches for the first time in the industry truly boosting sales. 

The company is earnest about capturing all types of customers and is ready to customize the packaging to tape the opportunities

Marketing And Advertising 

The company marketing and advertising team performs and adopts all types of marketing and advertising channels, digital marketing, social media, print media, electronic media, TV, and other events and promotional activities to educate about the products to customers. 

Fortune Mart stores will get special attention from the marketing and advertising team.

Fortune Mart Online Retail Shop 

Fortunemart’s online retail shop will help increase the business of franchise owners through the delivery of all online ordered products in that particular location.

Advantages Of Fortune Mart 

The company appointed a promoter in the outlet to boost sales.

No middleman, direct warehouse to Fortune store that increases profit margin. 

Your start will be India’s leading FMCG company that has a large product range, intensive channels, and a strong marketing, and sales team.

All Fortune products are available in a single place. 

The company has a strong market presence and you always have the added benefits of being a franchisee of Fortune Mart.

Rent will buy the company which can be a key to success because rent is one of the crucial factors in new business.

You will receive 5 lacs value material for 21 days of credit which reduces your cost of investment.

Free bakery setup and the trained chefs will support much in creating footfall into the store.

One employee’s salary will be paid by Fortune Mart.

Disadvantages Of Fortune Mart 

The Fortune business model is a new concept and always a risk of investment.

Fortune has a range of products but how Fortune Mart is successful in attracting customers to its store? 

Wrapping Up 

Fortune has become a household name and the most popular and demanding food brand in the country.

The Fortune Mart Store concept is attractive enough because of the company’s support but a decision must be taken after all the research and analysis.

Fortune has a wide range of products and companies add 4to5 products every year to their product line. 

Fortune products have great acceptance in the market and fortune refinement and mustard oil are the most demanding.

Rent support, manpower support, and support in branding and promotions can be winning factors for Fortune Mart.