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Two Wheeler EV Companies In India

Top 14 Two Wheeler EV Companies in India: Revolutionizing the Automobile Industry with Eco-friendly Innovations

We have seen a dramatic change in the automobile industry because of the emergence of electric vehicles.

This article explores the Top 14 Two-Wheeler EV Companies in India: Revolutionizing the Automobile Industry with Eco-friendly Innovations.

The emergence of Tesla drastically shifted the automobile industry a decade ahead and we all can see the rapid adaptation of electric vehicles.

Tesla cyber trucks and Cars are much more popular around the globe and Tesla’s market value increasing every day.

EVs are eco-friendly and sustainable innovations in the automobile industry that can be very helpful in saving our planet and making our lives beautiful. 

Top 14 Two Wheeler EV Companies In India

Here you can see the Top 14 Two Wheeler EV Companies in India: Revolutionizing the Automobile Industry with Eco-friendly Innovations.

1) OLA S1 and S1 Pro Scooter 

OLA has introduced a more advanced and innovative electric scooter at an affordable price.

The company added all the advanced features to make its product advanced and attractive.

Ola EV

OLA S1 scooter prices start from Rs 0.88 lakh and go up to Rs 1.2 lakh and are available in two variants and 10 colors.

OLA S1 pro scooter will cost more with some additional features that attract customers in India.

2) Revolt RV400 

Revolt RV400 motorcycle with a price tag of Rs 1.25 lakh and is available in one variant and three colors.

Revolt EV

Motor power 300 W, maximum speed 85kmph.

Battery capacity 72V/3.24 KWh and in single charge 150 km distance cover. 

3) Bajaj Chetak 

Bajaj Automobile is India’s leading automobile company and has a great market reputation.

The company has a unique customer base in India and Asian countries.

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter price will be Rs 1.48 lacs and available in 1 variant and 4 colors.

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak powering is a 5hp electric motor that is paired to a non-removable 3kWh IP67 lithium-ion battery pack.

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter has a maximum range of 95 km in the Eco mode while the top speed of the Chetak is pegged at 70kmph. 

The battery can be charged from 0 to 1oo percent in 5 hours and the scooter battery comes with a 3-year or 50,000 km warranty   (whichever comes first). 

4) TVS iQube Electric 2022

We all know the mastery of TVC in the automobile sector and TVS electric scooter iQube offers value-added features and solves the customer’s problems. 


TVS iQube is electric with roomy space to hold two helmets. 

TVS offers several charging options from its accessory portable chargers and fast charging options.

TVS iQube Electric has made several changes and added features but no price hike, from Rs 1.12 lakh to 1.20 lakh. 

5) Hero Electric Photon Hx 

Hero is India’s leading brand in the automobile industry and is now the market leader in the two-wheeler segment. 

Hero EV

Now the company has entered into electricity generation and launched Photon Hx with a unique design and value-added feature. 

Photon Hx has a portable battery inside that makes charging easy, removing the battery and charging it from the comfort of your place. 

Hero Electric Photon Hx starting price Rs 0.80 lakh to Rs 0.84 lakh, maximum speed 45km/h, body frame material steel, and battery 72 V/ 26 Ah lithium. 

6) Ampere (By Greaves) V48 

Ampere is a 100% subsidiary of Greaves Cotton Limited and Ampere opened 200 plus showrooms across the country. 

The company launched the REO Elite and Zeal electric scooters in 2019.

Now Ampere V48 electric scooter price starts from Rs 0.40 lakh to 0.51 lakh in India with 2 variants and 3 colors. 

Speed 25km/h, battery capacity 48 V/ 24 ah, and battery range 45km after a full charge. 

7) Ather 450X/ 450Plus 

Ather electric scooter offers unique and advanced features with a touchscreen dashboard, real-time range, navigation, etc.

Ather EV

While riding you can navigate in the city, manage your calls with Bluetooth, and change music with a waterproof touchscreen dashboard.  

8) TORK Motors 

TORK Motors is a Pune, Maharashtra-based startup, engaged in high-performance electric vehicle and charging infrastructure manufacturing. 

Tork EV

TORK electric vehicle is available with a starting price of Rs 1.22 lakh with 2 variants and 4 colors. 

TORK Motors is a growing electric vehicle startup in India and Ratan Tata also invested in this Pune-based startup.

TORK motors have two variants Kratos and Kratos R with a maximum speed of 105 km/h.

9) Hop OXO

Hop Electric is a Jaipur-based startup, engaged in the manufacturing of electric scooters and bikes. 


Hope Hop OXO electric scooter has 3 variants with the names Leo, Lyf, and OXO 100 is an electric motorcycle with a 100 km/hr top speed and 100 km range per charge. 

OXO 100 electric bike starting price is expected to start at Rs 1.2 lakh. 

10) Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette Automotive is a Bangaluru-based electric startup that designs, engineering, and manufactures electric sport bikes.

Ultraviolette F77 electric sportbike is India’s first performance-oriented electric motorcycle with a claimed high speed of 147 mph. 

Ultraviolette F77’s expected ex-showroom price will be Rs 3 lakh with 3 different colors.


TVS has invested 30 crore Indian rupees in this EV startup Ultraviolette Automotive.

Ultraviolette F77 will offer 3 riding variants Eco, Sport, and Insane and the company claims to cover a range of 130 to 150 km on a single charge. 

11) Bounce Infinity 

Another startup Bounce Infinity is doing well and the team has a wide range of experience and expertise.

Bounce Infinity E is India’s first electric scooter with a swappable battery, home charging dock( charge everywhere, at any plug point), and customizable skin. 

Bounce infinity

The company has an attractive price structure starting with Rs 0.53 lakh to 0.77, available in 2 variants and 5 colors.

Bounce Infinity E has smart features for better rides, live tracking geofencing, and battery health anti-theft. 

12) Simple Energy One 

Simple Energy Private Limited is a Bangaluru-based EV startup and company building premium affordable electric scooters for India. 

Simple Energy One

Simple Energy One electric scooter offer price is Rs 1.09 lakh to Rs 1.44 lakh with 2 variants and 4 colors. 

The electric scooter’s top speed is 105 km and the distance covers 300 km on a single charge. 

13) AMO Jaunty Plus 

Amo Mobility is a Noida (Uttar Pradesh) based startup with a wide range of electric scooters Jaunty, Jaunty Plus, Jaunty Pro, Inspirer, Jaunty 3W, Feisty, and S-pin with unique features and affordable pricing. 


Amo jaunty pus’s ex-showroom price is Rs 1.1 lakh and covers 120 km on a single charge. 

14) Pure EPluto 7G

Pure EPluto 7G is designed to give maximum comfortable ride experiences with unique design and features. 

Pure EPluto EV

Pure EPluto 7G has 1 variant with 6 different colors and is powered by a 2200 w motor.

Pure EPluto 7G offer price is Rs 0.92 lakh. 

Pure EPluto 7G covers 90-120 km/charge and the top speed is 60 km/h. 

Why EV?

EVs are eco-friendly and sustainable innovations in the automobile industry and we all know the importance of pollution-free life.

Natural resources have their limits and global stability and countries’ mutual relations affecting much to fuel prices.

Tesla Inc.’s success has shifted the automobile industry a decade ahead.

What we have discussed is not the actual numbers but many more will come.

Suzuki Burgman Street Electric is about to be introduced in India with unique features.

Next time is EVs time and we will see all segments like EVs in public transport, cargo, and heavy vehicles.