You are currently viewing 7 Top Pathlabs Franchise Opportunity In India
7 Top Pathlabs Franchise Opportunity In India

7 Top Pathlabs Franchise Opportunity In India

In this article, we will learn, the 7 Top Pathlabs Franchise Opportunity In India and start your own business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many changes in our life and lifestyle and now Pathlabs are growing all over India.

Pathlab is an increasing center exploring business opportunities.

Now leading and experienced pathology companies are opening their franchise all over India. 

These increasing numbers are exploring business opportunities for Indians

Increasing the number of labs signals of increase in awareness of good health and easy accessibility to healthcare needs. 

Pathlabs centers are a unique business opportunity for those individuals who are looking to start a business. 

These Labs create employment, serve patients, and empower people for better health and safe living.

7 Top Pathlabs Franchise Opportunity In India

7 Top Pathlabs Franchise Business

Here we have shared 7 pathology companies that are exploring their business by appointing franchisees.

1. Franchise: Dr. Lal Pathlabs 

Dr. Lal Pathlabs is Delhi Delhi-based pathology center that is spread throughout India and the company serves a broad range of tests on blood, urine,  and other human body viscera.

The company was founded in 1949 by SK Lal and is now company managed by Om Manchanda as CEO.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs opens franchise opportunities all over India and it’s a golden opportunity for individuals who are enthusiasts, hardworking, passionate, and looking to become entrepreneurs. 

Franchise cost is very minimal but earnings are huge because of company brand value and increasing healthcare needs. 

Be a Part of India’s Trusted & one of the largest Diagnostic chains.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise Cost 

The minimum investment is around ₹ 3- 4 Lacs.

Good Return On Investment.

Exclusive DLPL Collection Center.


Approx. 200-250 sq. ft. area on the ground floor with toilet facility.

Resident of India 

Preferred from a Medical professional background.

A self-motivated Entrepreneur.

2. Franchise: Max Path Lab

Max Pathlab is a subsidiary of Max Hospital that operates a network of almost 21 labs, more than 80 collection centers, and around 500 partners. 

Max Pathlab’s target to achieve excellence in testing pathology doubled with the focus on consumer service. 

Max Pathlab center is equipped with advanced automated technology as well as machines and infrastructure. 

The company has 15 years of presence in hospitals, and it’s recognized for its clinical expertise by doctors and patients. 

New Labs growing day by day and serving people in the best possible ways.

Area required for Max Lab 150 200 sq. ft.

Investment ranges from around 2 lac to 5 Lac Indian rupees

The company has a strong market presence and a loyal customer base that will be a direct benefit to investors.

3. Franchise: CNC Pathlab 

CNC is a Delhi-based pathology, rapidly growing path lab franchise business in India.

The CNC path lab is equipped with advanced equipment and an automated laboratory to serve the widest menu of tests and panels. 

CNC Pathlab is targeting to achieve the highest position of expertise for pathology testing coupled with a focus on customer service. 

The company has standardized processes and protocols and working on optimizing the accuracy of reports with customer comfort. 

The company is working on differentiating its services through quality, accuracy, and spreading franchises all over India. 

CNC Pathlab increasing its franchise network with minimum investment, low running costs, and attractive financial returns. 

The CNC team is helping and supporting the increasing business of franchisees. 

Area required 150-200 sq. fit

Investment 50K to 2 Lac

Deposit amount of 50K 

Commission/ Royalty  20 to 30% 

4. Franchise: Path Kind Labs

Pathkind Diagnostics has been set up to provide access to superior quality diagnostics services down up to the Tier 3/ 4 cities/ towns (over and above the Metros and Tier 1 cities).

The company set up the Labs with the goal to provide accurate results by using advanced equipment and technology. 

Pathkind Lab is working to save time and money by distributing franchises to major targeted cities. 

Pathlabs features 

Convenient and secure way to access your Lab reports

Qualified Doctors / Scientific Staff at each Lab

All Protocols as per ISO, NABL, and CAP guidelines.


200-250 square feet place that may be owned/rented / or leased.

The place should be on the ground floor with provision for a toilet and facility for branding. 

The minimum investment per center will be 2.5 to 3.5 lakh Indian rupees. 

5. Franchise: SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is a 1995-established company headquartered in Gurugram India. 

SRL Diagnostic is serving in pathology and radiology. 

SRL is a growing blood test lab in India and the best in door-to-door service through online booking. 

You must calculate your risk-taking potential after analyzing the business opportunity. 

Every business requires your self-devotion and hard work to make results possible. 


The minimum investment is around ₹ 3- 4 Lacs.

Good Return On Investment.

Exclusive SRL Collection Center.

Approx. 200-250 sq. ft. area on the ground floor with toilet facility.

Preferred from a medical background.

A self-motivated Entrepreneur.

6. Franchise: Metropolis Labs 

Metropolis Labs was founded in 1980 and the company has a chain of 124 clinical labs and 2400 collection centers across 7 countries including India. 

The company headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

The company has a global presence and company looking to increase its network all over India. 


Investment Amount Rs. 3- 5 Lacs

Land Area 600 sqft – 2000 sqft

7. Franchise: Aster Labs

Aster Labs is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka India, and its mission is to provide pathology services to patients. 

The company offers a home collection of blood and is committed to delivering accurate and trusted lab reports. 

Aster Labs is equipped with advanced instruments to serve routine and specialized investigations. 

Aster Labs is a subsidiary of the Aster DM healthcare group with a legacy of trust, and quality spanning across 9 countries for over 30 plus healthcare centers. 


Around 250-400 sq. ft. area with toilet facilities

A one-time investment of Rs. 2.5 lacs (Approx.)

Prior experience in the healthcare industry (preferred)

Passionate about health care and hungry for growth

Aster Support 

Full-fledged support from Aster technical team

Aster customer support & service

Advertsing and branding 

Why Pathlabs Franchise Business 

  • Pathlabs required minimum investment and space.
  • Growing healthcare need and path labs taping remote business.
  • A trusted profession and minimum-risk business. 
  • Minimum qualification is there like pathology course.
  • A recession-proof business because better health is required until not die. 
  • There is no wastage and credit policy in this business. 
  • High level of cash flow

Earning And Profit In Pathlabs Business

One thing you must always note is your hard work, consistency, and working in a certain way are the keys to success. 

As per some research and knowledge, 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month can be earned and this is not limited it can increase as per your work and commitment.