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MittiCool Business Opportunity In India

This article will explain more about MittiCool’s Business Opportunity In India.

Today’s pollution is a global concern which is why eco-friendly and sustainable innovations are coming into existence like Clay products ( MittiCool), Solar lights, electric vehicles, paperless banking, organic farming, and many more.  

MittiCool Sustainable Business

Clay products are goods for health, eco-friendly, natural, economical, stable value, and durable.

Mitti Cool is an Indian startup by Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati, Mansukhbhai is also known as a rural innovator of India for his earth clay functional products. 

We all know real innovation changes people’s lives, is favorable for planets, and creates employment, that is why we call Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati a rural innovator.  

Here are these eco-friendly products that are transforming people living styles by protecting their environment with healthier food. 

MittiCool Business Opportunity In India

1) MittiCool(Clay Product)Sustainable Innovation: MittiCool White-WaterPort

MittiCool white waterport is unique in design, variety of colors, different tank capacity, and price structure.   

MittiCool white-waterport is available in tank capacity from 6.5 liters to 17 liters.

Waterport price will start at 1699 and clay being alkaline in nature helps neutralize the PH level of the water and give you true alkaline water with a natural taste of water.  

You use these clay products on the gas stove and some washing and maintenance you need to do. 

2) MittiCool Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool refrigerator

MittiCool refrigerator is made from terracotta clay, runs without electricity, is a modern design, very easy to use, variety of health benefits, and naturally cools fruits, vegetables, water, milk, etc. 

Available in 50-liter capacity and with a starting price of 8000 Indian rupees. 

MittiCool Fridge is an award-winning product with UPS of efficient cooling without electricity. 

The fridge is a flagship product of MittiCool that gives a healthier and robust lifestyle. 

3) MittiCool Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Cooker 

MittiCool Cooker’s USP is to cook everything that regular cooks, preserves the natural taste of food, is very easy to use and wash, and has a variety of health benefits. 

MittiCool Cooker is available in 3 liters, 4 liters, and 5 liters, and the price starts from 1355 Indian rupees.

MittiCool Cooker is 100% healthy and non-toxic food with an amazing food taste. 

4) MittiCool Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Water Filter 

MittiCool water filter is a laboratory-tested natural water filter, natural cooling water, modern design, chemical, and lead-free, quick to use and wash. It consists of a variety of health benefits. 

MittiCool water filter is available in 20 liters and designed to add aesthetic value to your home with health benefits.

MittiCool water filter prices start at 2222 Indian rupees and are available in leading online stores. 

5) Mitti Cool Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Handi With Handle 

MittiCool Handi is microwave-safe, quick, easy to wash, preserves the natural taste of food, and consists of endless health benefits. 

Available in 1.5 liters, 2 liters, and others with amazing combo offer prices. 

MittiCool Handi has varieties like Sonera Handi, MH Handi, Biryani Handi, Kadai Handi, etc. 

6) MittiCool Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Fry Pan 

A MittiCool Fry Pan is useful in serving and cooking food, microwave safe, easy to use and wash, preserves the natural taste of food, and covers a variety of health benefits. 

MittiCool frypan starts at 699 Indian rupees and is available in leading online stores and MittiCool online. 

7) MittiCool(Clay Product)Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Water Bottle 

The MittiCool water bottle is more attractive and has unique features like cooling, easy to clean and refill, unique flavor of water, eco-friendly, and many more.

Say no to plastic bottles, earthen colors, and used raw material terracotta. 

MittiCool water bottle prices start from 300 Indian rupees and are available in India’s leading online stores and MittiCool online stores. 

8) MittiCool Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Dinner Set 

MittiCool Dinner Set has a traditional elegant look, lightweight with a unique finish, a real taste of food, is 100% natural clay in raw material, is durable, easy to use and wash, and easily transportable. 

MittiCool clay dinner set 12-inch starts at 1329 Indian rupees and is available in leading MittiCool online stores. 

9) Plate, Glass set, Linear Bowl Set, Kittle, And Square Cup Set 

Traditional elegant look, easy to wash and use, variety of health benefits, environmentally friendly, and lightweight. 

Product prices start from 249 Indian rupees and are available in leading online stores and company(MittiCool) online stores. 

10) MittiCool(Clay Product)Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Non-Stick Tawa 

MittiCool Non-stick Tawa has an excellent traditional look, a real taste of food, 100% natural clay used as raw material, a unique flavor of chapati, and is eco-friendly. 

MittiCool Tawa is available in different sizes and price structures and Tawa is available with handle, without handle, and dosa Tawa also. 

MittiCool Tawa’s price starts from 299 Indian rupees and is available in online stores and the company’s online sale portal. 

11) MittiCool(Clay Product)Sustainable Innovation: Mitticool Night Lamp 

Night Lamp is an amazing and elegant product that attracts all of us and uses natural clay. 

Night lamp prices start from 779 and are available in leading online stores. 

Sustainable Innovation 

Sustainable innovation is the process of making, producing, and inventing products or processes to generate eco-friendly products while creating economic profits for the firm. 

Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati founder of MittiCool Startup which offers eco-friendly clay products at affordable prices. 

Now the world is concerned about the growing pollution, and unhygienic fast food that reduces people’s lives and affects many diseases. 

Green and sustainable innovation is the way that saves our planet and gives us health and green life. 

MittiCool A Business Opportunity

MittiCool is a business opportunity for young India and you can contact the MittiCool team and explore the available business opportunities. 

These products have no limit and India is one of the biggest markets from a per-consumption point of view and you can target as per your favorable country. 

You can work with the DODO or COCO model which is your choice and company expansion program guidelines. 

Now the market is untapped products are slowly getting popular and more innovation and improvement are taking place in product design and features. 

Why Mitticool?

Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati is a rural innovator and he invested in clay products that are in huge demand.

Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati not only invested in products but also created employment and contributed to our national economy. 

MittiCool is a business opportunity for young India and you can be part of Mitticool through their channel expansion programs. 

Mitticool frequently asks questions

What is the name of the Mitticool owner?

Mansukhbhai Raghavjibhai Prajapati is the owner of Mitticool and his sustainable innovation going to change people’s lives, creating business opportunities and saving the planet. 

Is Mitticol product available on Amazon?

Mitticool products are available on Amazon

What is the Mitticool product price list?

You can visit the Mitticool website, where all the Mitticool prices with products are available.

Finally, you can calculate MittiCool’s business opportunity and as soon as possible be a part of this company.