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9 Top Home Automation Companies in India

This article is based on 9 Top home automation companies in India, Home automation can be a part of premium living or smart living.

Many home automation companies offer unique and suitable automation products that are suited to Indian households. 

9 Top Home Automation Companies in India

Home automation products are not very expensive and some great products can be retrofitted, without much hassle.

Here are the top brands that can be good for your home automation and if you are looking to start a business, you can come up with these brands with a small investment. 

1) Legrand Home Automation

Legrand is a global brand and company that has huge market experience and technological advancement.

Legrand is one of the oldest global brands with a vast range of products.

Legrand vantage home automation will give you many more options like controlling your lighting, fans, CCTV, AC, TV, and geyser with your smartphone.  

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Famous products are smart plugs and sockets, video-door phones and motion sensors, and UPS. 

ARTEOR has unique customization features like scene-setting and a mood-setting option and it can be fixed in an old home without changing any wiring or taking expert services.  

ARTEOR works on Zigbee technology and you can change control of all your electronic devices. 

2) Schneider Home Automation

Schneider Electric is a French multinational company and one of the trustful global brands.

Schneider Electric has expertise in automation and energy equipment. 

The company has a wide range of products and offers high-cost products.

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Schneider has mobile control applications of home automation solutions that can give you hassle-free control of your house. 

Schneider home automation mechanisms give control access to the security of the house. 

Schneider automation requires specific internal wiring with Cat 5 and Cat 6 wires. 

3) Philips Home Automation

Philips is a Netherlands-based global company and in some products, the company is a market leader.

Philips is a market leader in lighting and switches but Philips products are costly.

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Philips home automation product prices are high enough to target premium customers. 

The benefits of Philips smart lighting tap your app, smart schedules, and voice controls. 

Philips Hue smart lighting products are very unique, and advanced features, and are available in a customized format. 

4) Toyama Controls Home Automation

Toyama Controls is an Indian company with a depth of Indian market experience and the company has a wide range of home automation products.

Toyama controls offer remotely operated touch panels, Bluetooth-operated panels, and Zigbee/wifi-based home automation. 

The company has unique products that can be installed with existing wiring, which gives the company a competitive advantage in the market. 

The company offers unique pricing that is affordable to all types of customers

Toyama controls products are easy to install and easy to operate. 

Toyama home automation controls offer smart fan control, smart lighting, a smart plug, scene controller, smart gate opener, curtain controller, smart locks, home security camera, smart sensor, dimmer, RGB LED controller, curtain controller, locks, IR blaster, and temperature controller thermostat. 

Toughened glass, robust and future-proof technologies, and completely customizable. 

5) Crabtree Havells Home Automation

Havells is the market leader in the electrical field. The company has a depth of experience, trust of customers, and brand value that helps make automation products more friendly and affordable to customers

Crabtree, a brand of Havells home automation products, are high-quality and high-priced products.

Crabtree home automation products have advanced features that offer remote control of your appliance, fans, and lighting. 

With intelligent cloud technology, you can check your appliance, fan, and lighting while staying in another place. 

Intellicenter cloud is easily transferable as per your requirement and regular updates make it more advanced.  

It offers automatic turnoff power, opening curtain and scheduled events can be programmed. 

Crabtree has a wide range of products like modular and colorful switches, home automation, and video door phones. 

6) Hogar Controls Home Automation

Hoger Controls is one of the leading home automation brands that offer a wide range of home automation products like smart controllers, smart retrofit modules, smart touch panels, smart security series, and smart curtain motors. 

Hogar automation products prices are much more affordable and installation is much easier and faster.

Slip and attractive touch panels that are easily maintained and operated. 

Hogar touch panels are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Touch panels are retrofit design, capacitive touch sensor, scene mode, and heat, humidity, and shock-proof. 

7) Traco Home Automation

Traco Power has a global presence and is engaged in building automation, industrial automation, healthcare, railway, and transportation. 

The company caters to a wide range of products that are reliable, advanced, and affordable home automation products.  

Traco home automation products are affordable and installed on traditional wiring. 

8) GM Home Automation 

GM is one of India’s leading switch manufacturing companies that offers a range of new-generation switches, home automation, Bluetooth music players, home security products, switchgear, and luxury lighting. 

GM’s smart home products are affordable, with advanced features, easy to install, and transferable. 

GM has a depth of experience in Indian homes and companies catering to a wide range of products. 

GM smart home switches can be fixed on old wiring and new homes. 

9) GreatWhite Electricals Home Automation 

GreatWhite Electricals is India’s leading brand of modular switches and now the company is entering into the smart new generation switches and home automation panels. 

GreatWhite introduced Myrah Touch, a new range of switches that will revolutionize the way of living. 

The company has a wide range of electrical and electrical wiring products and experience with Indian houses which is why the company is very comfortable launching home automation products. 

Which company is best for home automation?

There are many home automation companies and each has some unique features and pricing structure.

Companies like Toyama, Philips, and others offer very customized automation and affordable prices.

  1. Schneider Electric: They offer a range of home automation solutions, including lighting control, HVAC control, security, and energy management.
  2. Legrand: They offer a variety of products and solutions for home automation, including lighting control, energy management, security systems, and smart home automation.
  3. Lutron: They specialize in lighting and shading control solutions for homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

Who are the key players in home automation in India?

  1. Schneider Electric: They offer a range of home automation solutions, including lighting control, HVAC control, security, and energy management.
  2. Legrand: They offer a variety of products and solutions for home automation, including lighting control, energy management, security systems, and smart home automation.

What is luxury home automation?

Luxury home automation refers to the use of advanced technology to automate and control various functions in a high-end residential property.

It involves integrating various systems such as lighting, security, entertainment, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and more, to create a seamless, convenient, and comfortable living experience.

What is a home automation company?

A home automation company is a business that specializes in providing automation and control solutions for residential properties.

These companies design, install, and maintain various systems that can be integrated into a home to make it more convenient, efficient, and secure.