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13 Modular Switches Brands In India

Top 13 Modular Switches Brands In India 2024

Selection of switches is one of the major jobs of every house owner because of increasing home interior fashion and making the home attractive.

Now as per business opportunities are concerned, a very attractive low-cost and high-margin business can be possible with modular and designed switch manufacturing companies but you must start small. 

Anybody can start a business but acquiring experience and understanding the market trends and practices need to be analyzed first. 

Top 13 Modular Switches Brands In India 2024

12 designed switch manufacturing companies franchise opportunities that can help you in selecting a business and building a fast-growing business.

1. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric SE is a global company that specializes in digital automation and energy management.

Schnieder caters to homes, buildings, data centers, and infrastructure through real-time automation, software, services, and energy technologies. 

Schneider Electric has premium and next-generation switches with fast and quick services. 

You can work with Schneider Electric with around 8 lakh Indian rupees in modular and designed switch segment but first, you must collect experience and market relations. 

The company has a market reputation and you will get brand advantages while interacting with customers.

The margin will be not much but you can make a fast turnover that grows your business and builds your market reputation.

Company people will arrange meetings, demo sessions, and gift distribution events that will help in the growth of your business. 

The company has a wide range of colorful, glass panels and designed switches and plates that can be good for you to attack the market and acquire more customers. 

2. Larsen and Toubro 

Larsen and Toubro have a global presence in multiple fields like electrical, construction, information technology, and finance.

The company is one of the market leaders in electrical and switchgear products.

The company has a wide range of dealers and distribution networks in India.

Larsen and Toubro have a wide range of electrical products like wire, switches, switchgear products, and wiring accessories.

The company has modular switches, color switches, glass panel series, and wooden plates. 

The company is giving much value to its channel partners and you can start your business journey with Larsen and Toubro as a dealer.

The minimum investment is around 6 lakh Indian rupees but the company is helping its channel partner to grow.

You can uplift yourself through Learning, experience, market understanding, and meetings and training. 

3. Anchor by Panasonic 

Anchor is India’s old name and the company has a strong, trusted, and satisfied customer base.

Company products are available in every region of India and products are very familiar to electricians, channel partners, and customers. 

You can start your business story with this brand’s initial investment of around 10 lacs for distribution and dealerships but investment varies according to place and location. 

4. Philips 

Philips is one of the trusted names in modular switch manufacturing and the company has a strong dealer and distribution network. 

The company has a wide range of modular switches and next-generation switches.

You can start your business with an initial investment of around 7 lacs and grow with the company brand.

The company has a strong market reputation, product quality, satisfied customers, and strong and long relationships with channels. 

5. Toyama 

Toyama Control is a Bangalore-based electrical switch manufacturing and smart home solution company.

The company has a strong technical team that consistently works on product differentiation and offers cost-effective and advanced feature electrical products.

The company has a strong reach to customers with its modular and home automation products.

The company is more focused on highrise buildings, commercial buildings, premium villas, and hotels and hospitals. 

The company has a strong presence in hotels and high-rise buildings.

The company has colorful switches, plates, glass panels, and home automation products. 

You can start your business with an initial investment of around 5 lakhs and grow with the company’s innovative and cost-effective products.

6. GreatWhite 

GreatWhite is growing day by day in the Indian market because the company has a depth of experience in market development, product development, channel development, creating demand, and achieving heights of success. 

You can start your business story with this company’s initial investment of rupees of 6 lakhs and learn and grow.

Companies will give much support, guide you in business, and shape your business to achieve heights of success. 

The company has a strong market presence, market reputation, and experience in business operations. 

7. GM 

Gold Medal or GM is an Indian leading switch and wiring accessories manufacturing company and now growing in full swing.

The company has a strong deader distribution network and a variety of products to target all types of customers. 

The company is a next-generation high-tech switch technology and smart home business.

You can start your business journey with GM’s initial investment of 5 lakh Indian rupees.

The company is performing different types of activities like meetings, demo sessions, training, and question and answer sessions at retail stores to create and make aware of its product’s customers, retailers, and electricians. 

8. Wipro northwest 

Northwest is the brand of Wipro and the company has unique, designed, and colorful switches with attractive prices.

Northwest much-targeting government and private projects like highrise buildings, hospitals, commercial places, etc. 

You can start your business journey with an initial capital of 5 lakh Indian rupees and grow with this company. 

If you have an interest in sales and handling and tracking customers you can build a strong business with this company.

9. Simon 

Simon is a multinational brand with extensive experience in modular and premium switch manufacturing.

Simon has a wide range of products like Metallic, Classic, Timber, and Fusion with a variety of colors, designs, and materials.

You can start your business with Simon’s initial investment of 5 lakhs rupees and grow your business.

The company has strong brand value, market reputation, product positioning, and operation team. 

10. Crabtree by Havells 

Crabtree has a unique customer base because of its product differentiation technique that focuses on architectural products.

Crabtree specializes in smart home solutions, modular switches, colorful switches, switchgear, and glass panels. 

You can start your business with this company as a dealer or distributor and grow your business.

The company offers distribution with an initial investment of around 6 lacs

You will learn much about company products, business processes, markets, customers, and competitors’ strategies.

Your market relationship can be strong enough and business brand value and reach among customers will be increased. 

11. Polycab 

Polycab is a pioneer in wire and cable manufacturing and customers ask for these wires while interacting with electrical shops because of product quality and after-sales services. 

The company has a wide range of modular, colorful switches and enough market presence in the modular switch segment.

You can start your business journey with an initial investment of around 6 lacs Indian rupees. 

The company will help you in business development, creating awareness, acquiring markets, and performing electrician engagement activities. 

12. RR 

RR is the market leader in wiring and cable but the company is increasing its reach in modular and colorful switches. 

Switches are good in quality and variety of colors.

You can start your business journey with RR as a dealer and enjoy the company’s market reputation for building your business.

The minimum capital required is around 6 lacs and office space or shop space with less manpower. 

Company people will help you in developing your business and building your customer base.

Companies arrange different meetings, seminars, training, and gift sessions to build your business. 

13) Legrand 

Legrand is a multinational company with a range of products and has premium switches with robust features.

The company has a strong market reputation and brand value that attracts every electrical dealer.

You can start your business with an investment of around 7 lakhs and grow with company activities and policies.

Wrapping Up 

India is a developing country and construction and development are in full swing and electrical switch demand is always high.

As per your experiences, understanding, and risk-taking capacity you can start with anyone and grow your business.

Do your research first before going to invest and make a commitment to yourself to give your best in any condition because ultimately your dedication and hard work count much in the success of any business. 

All the companies are market leaders in electrical switch manufacturing and have a strong technical team.

Start with small and make it big and please do not jump into any business. 

Take a calculated risk and put your efforts into making it successful because your success affects many more.