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Amazon Easy Store Franchise Opportunity And Its Cost

Amazon Inc. is the world fastest growing e-commerce company with the highest market share in the e-commerce business. 

Amazon Inc. started a flagship program with the name Amazon easy store to empower young adults who are willing to become an entrepreneur

Amazon’s easy store will create more business opportunities and generate employment in India. 

Amazon’s easy store concept can change the Indian small business operation and give easy and secure ways to enter into the business. 

Franchising business is one of the easy and secure methods of entering in business in case of no experience or fresher in business. 

Amazon easy store has strong market positioning and a complete set of business, you need to only follow the Amazon process. 

Amazon Inc. 

Amazon Inc. is an American multinational technology company that majorly focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Amazon has been referred to as one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world and the world one of the most trusted brands.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon Inc, headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Amazon Inc.’s worldwide employees in  2021 were 1608000 and the company growing at a strong pace. 

Amazon Inc.’s channel partners across India like Vakrangee, Indiabuys, and Velocity improve e-commerce customers’ experience with Amazon easy store. 

Amazon appoints associates and trained store owners to assist customers to find and buy products as per their choice. 

Amazon Easy Store 

The first Amazon easy store is now operational in the Mahalakshmi layout in Bengaluru.  

Amazon easy stores will offer touch and feel product experience through the physical product display and live demo of the products.

Amazon Easy Physical Store

Store staff will guide customers to place orders through Amazon. in, either collect the order from the store or direct delivery to their doorstep. 

Amazon easy store is an assisted shopping program for customers to walk into an Amazon easy store and place orders Amazon marketplace. 

Amazon easy store is a golden opportunity for individuals to work with a trusted brand and grow their business. 

Amazon’s easy store will revolutionize the Indian retail industry and offer more young adults to come in employment. 

Why Setup An Amazon Easy Store 

Indian retail sector of 1.2 billion people is expected to have annual sales of $450 billion, with nearly 90 % of the market controlled by a small family-owned retail shop. 

Amazon easy store is a unique business opportunity to become a business owner and also an opportunity to work and learn with a brand like Amazon. 

India has enormous potential and untapped business opportunities through this concept much can be taped. 

Creating Local Employment 

Amazon easy store will play an important role in enabling the next 200-300 million customers to enjoy shopping on Amazon along with local jobs creation and self-employment opportunities. 

Relationship With Trusted Brand 

Amazon is a global fame company and in India company has the strongest market presence in the e-commerce business. 

Association with brands like Amazon can change your business operation skills.

Join A Growing Community Of Entrepreneurs 

Amazon easily helps local entrepreneurs set up stores and grow their business and business skills. 

Amazon store is giving an opportunity to enter into the retail business with minimum risk. 

Amazon and JioMart are working to bring grocery shops onto their platforms. 

The Apt Business 

Low one-time investment in a growing e-commerce business that gives you a satisfactory result. 

Investment is low but your contentious engagement and marketing activities will give you long-term benefits.

Increased Earning 

Earn commissions on every sale, regular incentives along with additional earnings with delivery services.

You are earnings depend on the marketing and selling activities of your store.

Amazon is a trusted brand that can drive customers to your store with a positive mindset. 

Learn Business 

Amazon is a giant e-commerce multinational company with a diversified business that will always give you learning, training, and much more. 

business with Amazon really exciting because Amazon is the global market leader in the e-commerce business.

Benefits Of Owning An Amazon Easy Store 

Amazon Inc. benefits a lot to the owner in terms of earning fixed fees, high earning potential, additional income with delivery services, and low expenses. 

  • Earn Fixed Fees 
  • High Earning Potential 
  • Additional Income With Delivery Services 
  • Low Expenses 

Amazon Easy Stores Advantages 

  • Assisted Shopping To Enable Customers to Shop Online 
  • Delivery And Pickup Services 
  • Low Stock Management 
  • Store Setup Enablement With Third-Party Branded Demo Products 

Amazon Easy Store Establishment Cost 

Amazon easy store will have to incur a one-time expense of INR 3 lakh (approx, 2.6 lacs directly submitted to a marketing partner.

Amazon Easy Stores’ offer is based on first come and first serve.

Amazon easy store setup free from any charges or fees that can give you burden-free business. 

Cost is not much,  advantages are huge and calculated risk with Amazon Easy Stores.

Location Available To Setup Amazon Easy Store 

  • Andhra Pradesh 
  • Telangana 
  • Karnataka 
  • Tamil Nadu 
  • Maharashtra 
  • West Bengal 
  • Punjab 
  • Uttar Pradesh 
  • Gujrat 

Amazon Easy Store Establishment Eligibility 

  • Age 20-45 years 
  • Minimum 10+2 Pass 
  • Should be willing to carry out marketing activities 
  • Should have ordered/bought products online 
  • Computer basic skills 
  • Minimum store size 200 sq. ft.
  • Ground floor and centrally located store 

Wrapping Up

The Amazon Easy Stores will revolutionize the way customers approach e-commerce and online shopping. 

The Amazon Easy Stores will transform the traditional local store and Kirana stores.

The physical touch and feel of products and instant orders will increase sales and generate profits.

The Amazon Easy Stores will create employment and bring more entrepreneurs. 

The minimum investment will attract more people to become a partner with a global brand. 

A trained and well-knowledgeable store will assist customers to place their orders.

The Amazon Easy Store will be an effective method to expand the Amazon reach and tape the remote region. 

Approx 3 lacs investment in Amazon Easy store including security and civil work. 

Amazon Easy Stores are creating a revolution in the Indian Kirana store business operation. 

You need to do small market research and understand your financial position before investing.