You are currently viewing The Role of E-commerce in Boosting Business Growth in India: Empowering Small Enterprises and Wiring Indian Businesses
The Role of E-commerce in Boosting Business Growth in India: Empowering Small Enterprises and Wiring Indian Businesses

The Role of E-commerce in Boosting Business Growth in India: Empowering Small Enterprises and Wiring Indian Businesses

In this article, I am going to explain in detail the role of e-commerce in the growth of business in India and how e-commerce wiring Indian small businesses.

E-commerce is known as internet commerce or electronic commerce functions to buy and sell products or services, transfer payments, and transfer data to execute these transactions. 

E-commerce has much-boosted sales and shifted sales to new heights and contributed to gross domestic product.

Amazon is managing and coordinating over a million independent businesses selling in its store globally and continuously growing with Amazon.

During the COVID-19 pandemic firms struggled for survival but in the US with Amazon small and medium business sellers that achieved $1 million in sales grew by more than 20% and more than 3,700 crossed $1 million in sales volume for the first time. 

Small and medium businesses have created an estimated 1.1 million jobs because of’s stores in the US.

Role Of E-commerce In the Growth Of Business In India

Now you will learn in detail the role of e-commerce in the growth of business in India and these giant wiring the Indian small businesses.

Creating an all-India presence and acceptance for Rajasthani handicrafts, amazon’s small business empowerment team assisting Rajasthan to highlight it on the national stage, and a large number of Rajasthani entrepreneurs engaged with Amazon to sell their products through the Amazon e-marketplace.

Ecommerce has dramatically changed the customer buying process and created time-saving, money-saving, comparative, Hassle-free shopping.

Amazon’s team engages these entrepreneurs through contentious engagement, submission, seminars, email, and online meetings to encourage them to put their best. 

1) Amazon digital Kendra 

Amazon has recently launched its first Digital Kendra in India Surat, Gujarat to accelerate Indian businesses with e-commerce. 

Amazon digital Kendra is an initiative from Amazon to empower small firms and making more efficient and quick in handling global customers.

This center will help micro small and medium firms the opportunity to learn about the benefits of e-commerce so that entrepreneurs will be wise enough to tap global customers online. 

2) Amazon Smbhav 

Amazon Smbhav’s initiative to bring small business owners, startups, developers, and innovators on a single platform to discuss digital India’s growth opportunities and empower small and medium enterprises to grow their businesses digitally. 

Amazon Smbhav is a commitment to working together and unlocking the endless digital technology opportunities and financial support for small firms to grow. 

Amazon plays a key role in the development of small business owners and cultivating their skills and increasing their curiosity to adapt to new things and keep performing innovation and development.

3) Amazon women seller program (Amazon Saheli) 

Amazon Saheli is a dedicated and targeted program to empower women entrepreneurs in India through the online storefront and the Saheli store features traditionally and innovatively handcrafted office products, shoes & handbags, clothing and accessories, jewelry, home & kitchen, luggage & bags, and home decor artifacts locally created by women entrepreneurs across the country. 

Amazon helps women entrepreneurs

Subsidize referral fees

Increased customer visibility

Marketing support 

Account management support 

Increased customer visibility 

Imaging and cataloging support 

Amazon’s team engages these entrepreneurs through continuous engagement, submission, seminars, and online meetings to encourage the women entrepreneurs to put their best and make themselves self-dependent. 

Local Shop Owner’s Business Empowerment 

50,000 + offline retailers, entrepreneurs, and neighborhood stores are now in local shops on Amazon, and shop owners and increasing their business volume by around 30% as per the market research. 

4) Amazon For Green Movement India 

Amazon is a global giant in e-commerce and seller attached worldwide and the company’s small initiative can create a big difference in society and living styles.

Encouraging and motivating Amazon by selling organic and eco-friendly products and assisting small entrepreneurs to sell their eco-friendly products.

Amazon’s approach to sustainable development and innovation and more focused to make the planet healthy and pollution free.

Amazon’s green movement will help a lot to think about eco-friendly innovation and engineering

5) Flipkart Samarth 

Flipkart Samarth’s initiative transports and facilitates special services to NGOs, government bodies, rural women, social enterprises, weavers, and artisans, specially-abled in their e-commerce operations with Flipkart. 

Flipkart Samarth initiative assists these entrepreneurs with special support in their registration process.

Account manager support helps these businesses for free for six months. 

Warehousing supports these businesses in the storage of their products. 

The minimum cost of doing business with businesses can create a chain of small businesses.

Minimum documents required to do business like 3 documents and one product to start to sell. 

Sales events every month to explore opportunities and engagement.

Approachability will help business owners to interact with Flipkart leaders to ask their queries and keep growing their business.

6) Flipkart signed an MOU with Gujarat state handloom and handicrafts development corporation to enhance the growth of Gujarat’s handloom and handicrafts product sales. 

Flipkart is also more focused on boosting the participation of women entrepreneurs in the e-commerce business. 

Wrapping Up 

Amazon’s contribution to the development of state-level handicrafts and art at the national level and internationally is undoubtedly great. 

Flipkart Samarth’s initiative will boost the micro-business performance and contribution of these businesses to the growth of India. 

Amazon Saheli’s initiative will cultivate the skills and confidence of Indian women entrepreneurs.